Certainly 2017: the neuromarketing appointment for the business is back

22 April 2017

Neuromarketing, which is the application of neuroscience to marketing, allows you to understand consumer behavior, how to make memorable and emotional store experience and prolong your stay at the point of sale, to intercept the motivations that drive you to buy a certain product and be loyal to a brand rather than to another.

The second edition of Certamente 2017 will be held in Milan on 2 and 3 March 2017 at the Fondazione Riccardo Catella and is promoted by the marketing and communications agency Ottosunove in collaboration with Brain Signs, spin off of La Sapienza University dedicated to innovation.

At the opening of the two days of the most important seminar on neuromarketing in Italy, there will be the academic round table which will be attended by five universities (University “La Sapienza” in Rome, IULM, Catholic University of Milan, Politecnico of Milan, Università degli Studi of Milan-Bicocca) and the CNR for a comparison, moderated by Alberto Mattiacci, on the different approaches of the industry and will focus on mirror neurons and consumer psychology.

Jay Liebowitz from Harrisburg University of Science and Technology will discuss the neuromarketing and intuition-based managerial decision-making.

Darly Weber, brand consultant and ex-Global Coca-Cola Company‘s Creative Director, will focus on branding strategies, referring to case histories for Nike and Cadbury Dairy Milk and Donald Trump.
Alastair Herbert, founder of Linguabrand, will focus on how the use of cognitive linguistics has helped the German brand of Adidas sportswear to optimize voice and increase sales. His speech is called “As Adidas’s brand voice gets in the way of noise.”

Eamon Fulcher, cognitive-behavioral psychologist at Arden University, will focus on brand perceptions and their values, starting with a case study on the packaging of a brand of white wine.

For the participants of “Certainly 2017” there will be a surprise to enjoy: standing buffet and gourmet storytelling, dark soup, little maitre and many other specialties. There will also be live testing with bio-feedback and eye-tracking equipment and sensory storytelling performance.

On Friday March 3, to break the ice at the Italian Neuromarketing Days 2017, with the beauty and the attractiveness, there will be Daniel B. Yarosh, Independent Technology Advisor. It will in fact evolve the evolutionary biology of the brain’s perception of beauty and explain how to apply it to make and promote skin products in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields.

Arianna Trettel and Luca Fiorentino will focus on enhancing the “not told” of brand values ​​to increase sharing in sales networks.

Elissa Moses, CEO of IPSOS Neuro and Behavioral Science Center, along with Ani Ieroncig, Canada Post Marketing Research Director, will introduce the Canada Post “Connection for Action” study on the effectiveness of direct mail vs. digital advertising and contains suggestions in the definition and planning a media strategy.

Graeme Newell, emotional marketing expert and chair of 602 Communications, will unveil strategies for acquiring new customers through numerous practical examples.