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Circular Economy and Sustainability

The purpose of the Circular Economy is to keep products and materials in use longer, improving the productivity of these resources. Our circular economy consultancy offers you a wide range of solutions to identify, measure and monitor sustainability performance in the context of the Circular Economy

For us at INEMA, sustainability and circular economy mean working alongside the customer in a holistic way: thanks to our experience in the field of operations management, continuous improvement, and data management, we help companies to redesign their processes in a sustainable and circular way.

Starting from the UN 2030 agenda, we help the customer to focus on their sustainability vision and help them in the process of understanding possible improvements and in achieving their goals, so that they are measurable and certifiable, taking advantage of technological innovations and best practices of the sector.

Top Benefits of Our Circular Economy & Sustainability Consulting:

Monitor Your Performance

Monitor your sustainability performance while adjusting toward improved circularity.

Improve Existing Products & Processes

Combine Life Cycle Assessment and Data-Driven Techniques to improve your existing products and processes while generating ideas for new product innovation that combines true circularity with resource efficiency.

Streamline Your Entire Value Chain

Reduce costs through the greater efficiencies derived from examining your entire value chain.

Generate Ideas

Generate ideas for new product innovation, combining circularity with resource efficiency.

Form Partnerships

Form mutually beneficial partnerships with competitors, suppliers and take back companies.