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Data Management

Data Management is the set of activities associated with management and governance of data

The main sector international association, DAMA – Data Management Association, defines it as “the development and execution of architectures, policies, practices and procedures that correctly manage the needs of the entire data life cycle of a company” or also as “the planning, execution and supervision of policies, practices and projects that acquire, control, protect, deliver and increase the value of data and information assets”.

Data is now one of the main corporate assets: how to collect them from heterogeneous sources, at different times, organize them, integrate them, certify them and make them accessible and useful for decisions?

To support its customers in these new challenges, INEMA founded in 2019 a new company FIT Strategy that provides specialized services in Data Management, combining consulting, training and practices to provide end-to-end solutions to allow our customers to create and scale their skills.