Operation Areas

Strategy and Organization

The company operates in the consultancy sector, offering integrated services to assist businesses and entities in the definition of strategies, in the development of organisational processes and business management and the optimisation of human resources

Specifically, INEMA‘s areas of action can be identified as follows:

Post-Merger and Acquisition Integration

Every action taken is calibrated according to the needs of each single merger/acquisition operation, through the identification of the main sources of potential value. The INEMA team works in close contact with the customer at all levels to ensure that the transformation of the company structure is optimised and thorough.

Support in Privatization Processes

Analysis of the company nature and structure, of old roles and relative skills, and the planning of new ones. Assessment of people’s skills with particular emphasis on openness to change. Choice of the team for change and the scale of new structures.

Balanced Scorecard

Implementation as a support tool in the company’s strategic management, with a view to converting the business’s mission and strategy into a coherent set of performance measures.

Knowledge Management

The objectives for which companies or entities implement knowledge management strategies are typically in the areas of performance improvement, the acquisition or maintenance of competitive advantage, the promotion of innovation and continuous improvement. A characteristic feature compared to other approaches is the management of knowledge as a strategic “asset” and the fostering of knowledge-sharing.

Change Management

A structured approach to change in individuals, groups, organisation and companies that makes it possible to guide the transition from the current set-up to a future desired set-up.

Organisational Redesigning

Understood both as a solution to the problems of the division of labour and of coordination, and as a process through which such a solution can be identified and implemented. The aim is to influence the type of objectives pursued, the measure in which such objectives are met and the ways they are pursued in terms of the resources employed in order to create and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Increasing Commercial Performances

  • Improving the Sell Out process in the distribution channel

  • Promoting “Brand Style” sales: Best Practice

  • Increasing the Brand Loyalty of commercial resources

  • Applying Visual Merchandising practices

  • Analysing the product range and relative positioning matrix

  • Monitoring the Sell Out process

  • Monitoring Customer Satisfaction

  • Evaluating the resources involved in the project