Sectors of excellence


INEMA has tried and tested experience in fashion with over thirty years of activity in the sector and more than eighty completed projects. We specialise in all operating and management information areas, integrating technical operating aspects with technological and systems areas

Specifically, the main areas of action relate to:

Organizational redesign, definition of the organizational model (both macro and micro), driving change management and organisational consolidation

  • Roles / Responsibilities

  • Skills

  • Processes

  • Information Systems

Rationalization of Operating Costs

  • Purchases and Supply Chain

  • Management of Structure Costs

  • Rationalisation of the collection, production and logistic development model

Improvement of Operating Performances

  • Lead Times for Production

  • Punctuality and Correctness of Deliveries

  • Product Quality and Checkup Frameworks

Capital Optimization

  • Working Capital

  • Investments