Sectors of excellence


Industrial production is the main area in which INEMA has acquired its cultural background, the context in which the definition and measurement of operating standards (times and methods) and the rigorous respect of product quality tolerances are fundamental key elements

Main activity areas:

  • Adjustment of the Supply model

  • Smart & Green Manufacturing

  • Review of the list of approved suppliers

  • “Rightsizing” of production resources (stocks, staff, equipment, …)

  • Delivery models review: order processing, logistics and shipment

  • Deployment of Lean Six Sigma Kaizen models

  • Increasing productivity and resource effectiveness (OEE, service levels, …)

  • Rationalization of the organization of production sites/plant/equipment

  • Variety Reduction Program / Complexity Reduction

  • Development of product/process configuration

  • Development of information system model and software selection

  • Implementation support (ERP, SCM suites, production schedules, MES, …)

  • Concurrent Engineering

  • Differentiation at the upper levels of the BOM