Sectors of excellence


INEMA has been operating in the Retail sector for more than twenty years, helping companies to improve their performance

The skills acquired in the sector have allowed INEMA to develop a model approach to the problems of Retail, and in particular, of Mass Market Retailers, focused on the achievement of efficiency and effectiveness goals with reference to Operations, work methods, information systems and technologies:


Planning the operating structures of points of sale

Creation of a “standard cost” corporate model for the development of all the acceptance/display/sale activities (including the “front tills”) aimed at reducing labour costs in accordance with customer service specifications. Adjustment of staff organisation/working hours to the flow of customers and goods.

Logistics: Flow / Handling / Transport of goods

Integrated management of point of sales’ supply process, aimed at reducing the duration of the supply cycles and of handling costs and optimisation of the distribution chain (service/ costs).

Marketing / Logistics

Analysis of warehouse assortments and stocks. Checking correspondence between stock, sales classes, code and supplier categories and implementation of improvement levers (range, offer, reorder parameters, relations with suppliers) aimed at reducing warehouse stocks (tendency towards predetermined physiological limit) in optimal assortment conditions (availability of products for sale/ use of display spaces).

Central structures

Analysis of processes, mapping/organisational review of staff activities and site costs, aimed at reducing costs (back-office activities) and at a measurement of the efficiency of sale support processes (costs/investments break-even point vs commercial area/customers).