Sectors of excellence


The Utilities sector has gone through extensive changes over the last few years, driven by legislative developments and the partial liberalisation of the market which, together with technological innovations, have significantly altered the strategic scenario in the sector

The increasing level of competition has led, and will continue to lead, to significant structural changes in the utilities market imposing:

  • New paradigms (e.g. the transformation from user to customer not only for liberalised services)

  • New growth policies (alliances, mergers, acquisitions, integrations, tenders, …)

  • Search for business areas (new technologies, emerging needs, …)

  • New organisational structures, new processes and activities (e.g. distribution back-office)

  • Different use of basic resources (focus on “CORE” skills)

  • “Strategic” management of economic and financial resources

INEMA has been operating in this sector for many years through consolidated partnerships in the supply of services to assist local “public utilities” (energy, integrated water cycle, environment, …).

The themes tackled refer both to the implementation of planned strategic lines and the rationalisation of existing processes, aimed at achieving efficiency and effectiveness objectives required by companies in order to face the market transformation phases occurring in the last few years.