Operation Areas

Continuos Improvement

The company works with customers in the continuous improvement process, diligently committed to providing assistance in improving products, services or processes

INEMA’s specific areas of action can be summarised as follows:

Lean Six-Sigma

The methodology known as “Lean Six Sigma” combines Six Sigma techniques (useful for reducing defects) with Lean Manufacturing principles (useful for streamlining and speeding up processes).

Kaizen Initiatives

Kaizen, as an approach for Quality Management Systems, is tied to concepts such as Lean Manufacturing, Total Quality Management, Just-In-Time, Kanban, the Redesigning of company processes and Statistical Process Control. The philosophy of the Kaizen strategy is renewal in short steps, to be made day-by-day, on a continuous basis. Renewal is achieved through encouraging every person to make small changes every day, the overall effect of which becomes a process of selection and improvement for the entire Organisation.

Total Quality Management

Total Quality is an organisational model adopted by all world leading companies and represents an important turning point in quality management. Specifically, its guiding values are:

  • Focus on the customer

  • Increase of responsibility of workers and their continuous professional development

  • Improvement of the production process through rigorous statistical controls

  • Definition of the role of “supervisor” in order to improve the resource exploitation system

Training and Coaching

The ability to anticipate the future and to manage the present is sought and developed with the current human capital. Human resources are and will continue to be an increasingly key strategic element, the true value, the only capital in which companies are obliged to invest in order to lay the foundations for their success. The training and professional development processes, both collective and individual, are of strategic importance today more than ever in order to create innovation, anticipating and influencing market needs. To enable its clients to best face the challenges on the market, INEMA offers unique training and coaching thanks to the use of a tried and tested methodology.